ASNE-Mechanicsburg Section To Host Annual N a v a l Logistics Symposium In Carlisle, Pa., O n March 7 -9

The Mechanicsburg Section of the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) will host its third annual Naval Logistics Symposium, "Meeting the Challenges for Improved Quality and Reduced Cost," on March 7-9, 1989 at the Embers Convention Center, Carlisle, Pa. Featuring exhibits from both government and the industry, the symposium, which is sponsored jointly by the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, will hear 18 technical paper presentations on topics from current governmentindustry shared quality upgrades for logistics to specific problems geared to enhance Navy fleet readiness. Guest speakers for the Logistics Symposium will include: Vice Adm. Peter M. Hekman Jr., USN, Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command; Vice Adm. S.R. Arthur, USN, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Logistics); Rear Adm. Robert A. Abele (SC), USN, Vice Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command; Rear Adm. J.C. Weaver, USN, Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command; and Rear Adm. Malcolm MacKinnon III, USN, Vice Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command.

For further information on the symposium, contact: ASNE, 1452 Duke Street, Alexandria, Va. 22314; telephone: (703) 836-6727; and fax: (703) 836-7491.

LOGISTICS S Y M P O S I UM PROGRAM Tuesday, M a r c h 7 Noon—Exhibit Hall open. Advance registration desk open.

5 p.m.—Social hour—Exhibit Hall. Wednesday, M a r c h 8 7 : 3 0 a.m.—Registration desk open. 8 : 1 5 a . m .—Welcome address by Captain J. Ellis, USN, Commanding Officer—NAVSEALOGCEN, and Dr. Alfred Skolnick, president, ASNE.

8 : 3 0 a . m .—Keynote address by Vice Adm. S.R. Arthur, USN, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Logistics).

SESSION I Moderator: Anthony J. Ruffini, Columbia Research Corporation.

9 a . m .—"The Essence of a Quality Program in Engineering and Logistics," by Capt. Dav id B. M c G u i g a n , USN (Ret.) 9 : 3 5 a.m.—"Quality Perception—A Comparison between the Navy and the Commercial Environment," by Cmdr. C h a r l e s A. Perkins, USN.

1 0 : 1 0 a.m.—Break.

1 0 : 2 5 a . m . — " I s Quality Overhead?" by V e r n o n C. G r a h a m.

1 1 a.m.—"Quality Configuration Data— The Foundation for Logistics Support," by K e n n e t h A. Brown.

1 1 : 3 5 a . m .—Panel Discussion. 1 2 : 1 0 p.m.—Lunch.

Speaker: Rear Adm. Robert B. Abele (SC), USN, Vice Commander, NAVSUP.

SESSION II Moderator: Dave M. Altwegg, NAVSEA. 1 : 3 0 p . m .— "Afloat Supply Application of Compact Disk Technology," by E.A. Heberg. 2 : 0 5 p.m.—"ROMIS—The Real Time Outfitting Management Information System," by F r a n k J. Smith.

2 : 4 0 p.m.—Break.

2 : 4 5 p . m .—"An Information Road Map to Improved Shipboard Support," by W i l l i am A. Cross.

3 : 3 0 p.m.—"Integration of Logistics Functions," by T h o m a s G. Broussard.

4 : 1 0—Panel Discussion.

4 : 4 0 p.m.—Adjourn.

5 p . m .—Banquet at the Embers Convention Center. The speaker will be Vice Adm. Peter M. H e k m a n Jr., USN, Commander, NAVSEA. T h u r s d a y , M a r c h 9 8 : 1 5 a.m.—Administrative remarks. 8 a.m.—Keynote address by Rear Adm. J.C. Weaver, USN, Commander, SPAWAR. SESSION III M o d e r a t o r : Ronald J. Duddleston, SPCC. 9 a.m.—"Reducing Cost and Improving Quality—The Standard Hardware Program (SHARP)," by L a r r y Weaver. 9:34 a.m.—"Improved Quality/Reduced Cost Through Test Equipment Modernization," by Paul Gross 1 0 : 1 0 a.m.—Break.

1 0 : 2 5 a . m .—"RBS, Improved Readiness at Reduced Cost," by Leonard Burdick. 1 1 a . m .—"Management of Total Logistics Cost," by H u b e r t C. Upton. 1 1 : 3 5 a . m .—Panel Discussion. 1 2 : 0 5 p.m.—Lunch. The speaker will be Rear Adm. M a l c o lm M a c K i n n o n III, USN, Vice Commander, NAVSEA.

SESSION IV Moderator: Lawrence Hanagan, NAVSEA. 1 : 2 0 p.m.—"Application of 3D Product Model to Ship Maintenance and Logistics (MCM)," by J e f f r e y D. Arthurs. 1 : 5 5 p . m .—"Spare Parts on Demand," by Lorna B. Estep.

2 : 3 0 p.m.—"Naval Supply Logistics Network," by Lt. Cmdr. W.A. Potter, USN. 3 : 0 5 p.m.—Closing remarks.

3 : 4 5 p.m.—Adjourn.

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